March “Up Close and Personal” Event: Dan Cane of Modernizing Medicine

Leon Fooksman
January 24, 2017

The next LPBC “Up Close and Personal” event will be the morning of March 22 at Modernizing Medicine, the Boca Raton-based health information technology company.

CEO Dan Cane will explain the steps he and the staff took to innovate and grow the company into a leader in the industry.


We asked him to tell us how he developed his leadership style and who influenced him as he found his success as an entrepreneur.


1) What’s the most important quality in being a leader?          


Dan Cane: Definitely passion. Having the ability to pursue that passion even with ups and downs is a powerful asset. It enables you to bypass fears of failure and risk-taking and ultimately spearhead success.


2) Where do you get your best ideas from?


Dan Cane: My best ideas come from identifying opportunities and inefficiencies in industries that have room for improvement. Take education. While at Cornell, I realized all of my concentration was focused on scribing, not learning. So, I digitized the professor’s materials and stored them in a place where we could all access them – online. Out of this pain and need, the company Blackboard was born.


A similar twist of fate from a chance meeting with a physician, Dr. Michael Sherling, lead to the founding of Modernizing Medicine. I wondered why a tech-savvy physician was still writing in paper charts. As it turns out, there simply were no electronic health record (EHR) systems that would save him time or help improve patient outcomes. We built a specialty-specific EHR system, EMA®, designed for touch and tapping into the collective wisdom of millions of patient encounters. Problem solved.


3) Who were the key influencers in your leadership development?


Dan Cane: My parents' work ethic and passion rubbed off on me. Much to their dismay, I didn’t go to medical or law school as they would have hoped, but I did inherit their drive which led me to find some success as an entrepreneur.


Professors at Cornell continued to develop my skills by providing the guidance and opportunity to affect change, first by making an impact at my college and then on education globally. I think some people are born entrepreneurs, but the tools to build a successful business are gifted to us by mentors and teachers and then forged into something more powerful through sheer force of will.


4) What leadership strategies did you use as you led your company through its period of growth?


Dan Cane: Creating a culture isn’t something that happens by chance, but has to be strategically cultivated and nurtured while a company matures through its growth. Transparency and authenticity are key. Honesty is paramount. Sharing the good (and even more importantly -- the not-so-good) news with all employees is essential. We live stream our First Friday company-wide meetings to each office and to our remote employees. We share meals and happy hours together.


Additionally, people want to succeed, so we help them to create career paths that support their professional passions and foster an environment that lets them flourish.


Check our website for updates on our March 22 “Up Close and Personal” event at Modernizing Medicine at 3600 FAU Blvd., Suite #202, in Boca Raton.