Leadership Aspire

Leadership Aspire is a program offered by Leadership Palm Beach County (LPBC) based on a community needs assessment conducted in December 2015.  This program is being provided as a service to the community to create a pipeline for leaders based on the mission of LPBC to educate and unite leaders to build a better community.


There will be quarterly 4-hour workshops presented on themes including leading with emotional intelligence, presentation skills with a focus on effective public speaking, conflict resolution, and cultural competence.  Workshops need to focus on leadership training and include aspects for the individual (self-awareness/self-management), team (as a team member and team leader), and manager for the up and coming leader.  

Cost of the Program

The program is $250 per session.  Purchase all 4 sessions for $800 (value $1,000).

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Themes and Dates

Location: Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth Campus

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Continental Breakfast and light snacks will be provided at each session


 Session One - September 29, 2017- Leading with Emotional Intelligence 

Facilitator:  - 

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Session Two - November 17, 2017- Presentation skills with a focus on effective Public Speaking




Session Three - February 23, 2018- Conflict Resolution 


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Session Four- April 27, 2018- Cultural Competence

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How to Apply 

We encourage interested persons to register early as sessions are expected to sell out quickly due to limited availability. 

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