Leadership spotlight on Tammy Clarke - Class of 2008

Tammy Clarke
February 4, 2011

Tammy B. Clarke, CPA

Alpern Rosenthal



 How did you get involved in Leadership Palm Beach County:  Many people encouraged me to join.

How has Leadership Palm Beach County affected you: I truly feel like a different person since I went through this program. I have met some of the best people in this area and have become friends with many of them. I’ve learned a LOT about this county and also about myself and since joining, I have felt very motivated to continue to be the best person I can be.

What you do for a living: I’m a CPA at Alpern Rosenthal in West Palm Beach, where I’ve been for almost 17 years.

What you like best about your job: I have the opportunity to help a wide variety of individuals and businesses while also being encouraged to interact with the community

Your education: Bachelor of Business Administration (with a major in Accounting) and a Masters of Taxation from Florida Atlantic University

Your civic and community involvement: I’m proud to say I’m very involved with LPBC; on the board (2nd term), co-chair of the best committee, the Alumni Relationship Committee (with the best co-chair David Greene), and on the finance committee. I have also been involved with the American Lung Association for approx 8 years; I’m the outgoing Past President and I’m also involved with the state ALA board.

Your professional/trade industry associations: I am the outgoing President of the Palm Beach Chapter of the Florida Institute of CPAs and I’m also the current treasurer of the Palm Beach Tax Institute.

Your family: I have a 17 year old son, Derek and have been married to Gregg for 4 years

City of birth: White Plains, NY

Place of residence: Loxahatchee, FL

First job: I guess babysitting was how I first earned money (and I did a lot of it).

Word that best describes you: Determined

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon: Either being extremely lazy on the couch or working on some house project… unless it’s January through April, when I would be at the office on Saturdays. :o)

Favorite way to spend time: I LOVE to take pictures

Would not leave home without: My iPhone (and now my iPad!)… oh, and a camera of course.

Greatest extravagance: My photography hobby (wow is photography equipment expensive!)

Most important lesson you've learned: As our managing partner Marty Cass has always told me, “Work hard, play hard”.

Life motto: It’s tough but I always try not to sweat the small stuff

Best vacation you have taken: A week in Ireland

Last vacation: We went to visit family in Louisville, KY

Place you most want to visit: Vineyards in Italy (soon!!!)

Most interesting place you have visited: Krakow & Warsaw, Poland (went to Poland for my brother’s wedding)

Last book(s) read: I just finished The Lion by Nelson DeMille (I think my favorite author)

Favorite restaurant: Victoria & Alberts (in the Grand Floridian Resort in Disney)

Last movie watched: I saw Taken not too long ago… very good.

Favorite TV show: Lost (I really miss it)

Best decision: To meet Gregg at the Ale House for our first date

Toughest decision: To go back to school to get my masters just a few years ago

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