2016 Candidate Forum

Aug 9, 2016 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM




WHO: Leadership Palm Beach County, Boca Chamber of Commerce, Black Chamber of Commerce, Central Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for Palm Beach County, Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County

Sponsored by: Lesser Lesser Landy & Smith


WHAT: 2016 Candidates Forum; Local, uncontested candidates are invited to participate


WHEN: Tuesday, August 9 ? 6:00pm-8:00pm


WHERE: Duncan Theater on the Lake Worth campus of Palm Beach State College (4200 Congress Avenue, Lake Worth)


ADDITIONAL DETAILS: The Forum is open to the public to attend; Candidates are invited to participate and will be given time to make an introductory speech which will include why they are in the race, their background and qualifications and any other information that they want to add.  Candidates will be given two questions and one minute to respond.  Due to time constraints, members of the public will not be allowed to ask questions.



Mindy Koch, State Senate, Dist 29


Bobby Powell Jr, State Senate, Dist 30

Michael Steinger, State Senate, Dist 30


Jeff Clemens, State Senate, Dist 31

Emmanuel Morel, State Senate, Dist 31

Irving Slosberg, State Senate, Dist 31


Rick Roth, State Rep, Dist 85

Andrew Watt, State Rep, Dist 85


Laurel Bennett, State Rep, Dist 86

Stuart Mears, State Rep, Dist 86

Tinu Pena, State Rep, Dist 86

Matt Willhite, State Rep Dist 86


Dareen James Ayoub, State Rep, Dist 87

Virginia Savietto, State Rep, Dist 87

David Silvers, State Rep, Dist 87


Edwin Ferguson, State Rep, Dist 88

Angie Gray, State Rep, Dist 88

Al Jacquet, State Rep, Dist 88


Kelly Skidmore, State Rep, Dist 91


Dorothy Jacks, Property Appraiser

Shelly Vana, Property Appraiser


Susan Bucher, Supervisor of Elections

Christine Spain, Supervisor of Elections


Dave Kerner, County Commissioner, Dist 3

Drew Martin, County Commissioner, Dist 3


Mack Bernard, County Commissioner, Dist 7

Lawrence Gordon, County Commissioner, Dist 7

Robbie Littles, County Commissioner, Dist 7

Priscilla Ann Taylor, County Commissioner, Dist 7


Tom Sutterfield, School Board, Dist 1

Ellen Baker, School Board, Dist 1

Louise Toi “Bohne Daniels”, School Board, Dist 1

Henry “D” Di Giacinto, School Board, Dist 1

Barbara McQuinn, School Board, Dist 1