"Chips For Charity Casino Night Fundraiser

Oct 28, 2016 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Celebrating the 44th Anniversary of Save A Pet! 
Gaming Tables, Food & Bar, Silent Auction & More!

In celebration of our 44th anniversary we are hosting “Chips for Charity”, a Las Vegas-style casino fundraiser.  We are pairing this event with a ceremony honoring the Police Dogs of the West Palm Beach Dept. They will be present at the event along with their officers.

Cocktail Attire Appropriate

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We are an all volunteer, no-kill organization with a passion for sick, injured, homeless cats and dogs. We extend care to hundreds of these animals each year. Some have been hit by a car, suffered broken legs or fractured ribs. Others are heartworm positive, have mange, entropion, bladder stones and burns.

We extend medical care to sick and injured community cats.There are thousands of cats without homes, living in shopping centers, industrial parks, post offices, hotels, etc. Some are feral, many are not. Sadly, many are injured by uncaring humans. Our volunteers trap these injured or sick cats so we can provide them with the veterinary care they need. We trap an average of 50 cats every month, all requiring some type of medical care.

We offer financial assistance to low income people when their own pet becomes sick or injured. Senior citizens, unemployed people, disabled people – they all want the unconditional love of a pet but often cannot afford to treat their beloved pet when it becomes sick. Many will make the heart-wrenching decision to euthanize their pet, simply because they cannot afford the medical treatment necessary to save their pet’s life. If an individual qualifies financially for assistance, we will make a payment directly to the treating Veterinary Clinic, saving the pet’s life.


With gratitude,

Kathleen Wells, Dr. Xavier Garcia, Renee Morrison, John Mercer, Dr. Karen Illel, Jennifer Clarke, Fritz Van der Grift and Matthew Warner

Save A Pet Officers & Directors


Save A Life, Adopt a homeless pet.     End euthanasia, Spay or Neuter your pets.

Save A Pet Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, tax ID # 59-2425-726

Save A Pet was founded August 28, 1972 by Gertrude Maxwell.

For more information visit www.saveapet.com or call 561-835-9525.