Leadership Spotlight on Maria Marino - Class of 2010

David Greene
December 1, 2010

Maria Marino

How did you get involved in Leadership Palm Beach County: Focus 2009

Who encouraged you to apply for Leadership Palm Beach County: Family and Friends

How has Leadership Palm Beach County affected you: It has given me a new sense of purpose

What is the best benefit that you have derived from your involvement with Leadership Palm Beach County: Renewed interest in the community and an expanding network of friends

What you do for a living: My life is a three legged stool, Professional Golfer, Real Estate Broker and Executive Director of the Jupiter Children's Foundation, each is related to the other and without each one, the stool would break.

What you like best about your job: Finding solutions for people

Your education: Bachelor's Degree

Your civic and community involvement: Presently I am on the Board of the West Jupiter Tutorial Center and the Jupiter Children's Foundation. I am an Ambassador for the Honda Classic and a volunteer with the First Tee. Not to mention, just joining the board of Leadership Palm Beach County.

Your professional/trade industry associations: Ladies Professional Golf Association, Realtors Association of Palm Beach County

Your family: Small but close knit Italian family, mom, dad, my brother Glenn and my nephews Stephen and Robert, and we let in an Irishman, my Significant Other, Kevin Foley and a mutt, my sister-in-law Lynne.

City of birth: Norwalk, CT

Place of residence: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

First job: Customer Service Representative, MCI

Word that best describes you: Driven, but in a good way I hope.

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon: Golf Course

Favorite way to spend time: When not playing golf, I love to ski and travel, all with my family

Would not leave home without: My American Express Card, (I couldn't resist)!!

Greatest extravagance: Peter Lik Photography

Mentor: My mom, my mom, my mom

Most important lesson you've learned: No matter what, the truth is always the best

Person most interested in meeting: Our next President

Life motto: Leave the world a better place than you found it

Best vacation you have taken: 2000 Family Vacation to Italy, no words can describe it!!

Last vacation: My cousin's Italian wedding, Formia, Italy

Place you most want to visit: Egypt and Africa

Most interesting place you have visited: Greek Islands, Italy

Last book(s) read: Everything Dan Brown and Janet Evanovich

Favorite restaurant: Babbo, Mario Batali's restaurant in NYC

Last movie watched: Prince of Persia - worth seeing, Robin Hood, can't beat Russell Crowe

Favorite TV show: White Collar, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice

Best decision: Move to Florida to play professional golf

Worst decision: Don't really have one...

Toughest decision: Move to Florida to play professional golf, I left my family behind in CT

Goal yet to be achieved: Master Professional Status with the LPGA, publish a girl's golf instructional book (just waiting for the illustrations), if you know of someone who might like to publish this, please let me know!!

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