Leadership Spotlight on Brian Edwards - Class of 2005

David Greene
November 1, 2010

Brian Edwards


How did you get involved in Leadership Palm Beach County: As a Senior Vice President at United Way of Palm Beach County. Traditionally, a senior manager was always encouraged to apply at that time. Fortunately, I applied and was accepted.

Who encouraged you to apply for Leadership Palm Beach County: Scott Badesch. The former President and CEO of United Way of Palm Beach County.

How has Leadership Palm Beach County affected you: Leadership Palm Beach County has truly been one the most powerful and positive influences on me since my retirement from the United States Marine Corps in 1999. Specifically, graduates and the many leadership roles they have within the variety of occupational fields and positions they hold within the County provides a professional and technical enlightenment that is seemingly limitless for business related contacts and information. Combine that information with the number of volunteer hours we are consistently engaged throughout the year to educate other professionals and youth leaders within the community on almost a daily basis in some capacity provides me with a common bond of like minded professional leaders when it comes to leadership. It is my opinion, this camaraderie is fulfilling while simultaneously providing the County a professional resource tool that is unmatched, respected and time tested toward helping to move our leaders forward side by side with our communities growth.

What is the best benefit that you have derived from your involvement with Leadership Palm Beach County: A personal benefit is without a doubt the professional friendships I have established during this time of my life through Leadership Palm Beach County.

What you do for a living: I am currently a Senior Planner at the Division of Emergency Management with Palm Beach County.

What you like best about your job: Providing long term solutions to helping people prepare for all hazards that could potentially face our County like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flooding, etc…

Your education: Bachelor of Science in Business.

Your civic and community involvement: Very involved in the City of Boynton Beach as a community activist helping to move the city forward. I serve on the Boynton Beach Children’s Museum and Learning Center Board and the Boynton Beach Historical Society Board as a Trustee.

Your professional/trade industry associations: Florida Emergency Professionals Association

Your family: Valerie Edwards

City of birth: Dayton, Ohio

Place of residence: Boynton Beach

First job: Dish Washer in a Gainesville, Georgia restaurant where I grew up.

Word that best describes you: Determination

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon: Volunteering some place.

Favorite way to spend time: Running or weightlifting.

Would not leave home without: Gym bag.

Greatest extravagance: A good cigar.

Mentor: Master Gunnery Sergeant Kenneth Gilliam, United States Marine Corps, Retired

Most important lesson you've learned: That if you do it or you say, you best be prepared for the consequences of your actions or what comes out of your mouth.

Person most interested in meeting: President Obama

Life motto: Within this speck in the universe, your life is but a second of eternity…so, do your best with what little time you have.

Best vacation you have taken: Annie Ruby Falls Tennessee

Last vacation: 2009

Place you most want to visit: Crete

Most interesting place you have visited: Philippines

Last book(s) read: It is Another Great Day, Dr. Alvin B. Jackson, Jr.

Favorite restaurant: Outback

Last movie watched: Rookie

Favorite TV show: 360

Best decision: Getting Married

Worst decision: Can’t say, but I will say my life motto is a result of my worst decision.

Toughest decision: Leaving the Marine Corps five years early.

Goal yet to be achieved: Retirement…

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