Leadership Spotlight on Eric Hopkins - Class of 1995

David Greene
August 1, 2010

Eric Hopkins

How did you get involved in Leadership Palm Beach County: I knew people who had participated

Who encouraged you to apply for Leadership Palm Beach County: Dari Bowman, Patti Unruh, Parents

How has Leadership Palm Beach County affected you: I have made great friends and contacts through the program, however my involvement with the Youth program has had the greatest impact on me. It has been a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth it.

What is the best benefit that you have derived from your involvement with Leadership Palm Beach County: knowledge of the inner workings of the county, and the youth experiences.

What you do for a living: Vice President and General Manager of Hundley Farms, Inc.

What you like best about your job: No two days are ever the same. We are in an ever changing business, and the challenges are great, but I love what I do.

Your education: B.S.B.A. in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from East Carolina University, Go Pirates!

Your civic and community involvement: Youth Leadership Chair, LPBC Board, LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation) past president and current Board, Football Coach Benjamin School JV

Your professional/trade industry associations: Board of Farm Credit of South Florida, Board of Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, Board of Pioneer Growers Cooperative, Board of Hundley Farms and Frontier Produce, Advisory Board Wedgeworth Leadership Program, Florida Sweet Corn Exchange, Florida Vegetable Exchange

Your family: wife of almost 17 years, Krista, son Cooper 15, daughter Caroline 13, Yellow Labs, Fleetwood and Huck

City of birth: Elizabeth City, NC

Place of residence: North Palm Beach, FL

First job: Jacobson’s Men’s Dept. salesman at 16. My second job was working one summer on a construction site as a laborer. Not a good career move.

Word that best describes you: reliable, fun

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon: Beach, boat, a tiki bar, or my kids sporting events. April and May, probably working.

Favorite way to spend time: Anything with family and good friends.

Would not leave home without: sunglasses, wallet, phone, and a diet coke

Greatest extravagance: I am not very extravagant, but I do like a family ski vacation at least once a year.

Mentor: My Mom, Dad, my father in law

Most important lesson you've learned: Knowing how to communicate in a positive manner with all types of people.

Person most interested in meeting: the person who can stop the oil spill.

Life motto: Leadership is action, not position.

Best vacation you have taken: Either skiing in Colorado, or fishing in Chub Cay Bahamas

Last vacation: Spring Break skiing in Crested Butte, CO

Place you most want to visit: I like the U.S.A. and there are plenty of places that I still want to see here, but perhaps Italy or New Zealand

Most interesting place you have visited: Greek Islands, Czech Republic, D.C.

Last book(s) read: South of Broad, Pat Conroy- The Lost Symbol, Flyboys

Favorite restaurant: Captain Charlie’s, Hogsnapper’s, River House

Last movie watched: Robin Hood, It’s Complicated

Favorite TV show: Lost, The Office

Best decision: Have a family.

Worst decision: being an ignorant investor in the stock market at the wrong time, ouch

Toughest decision: taking my Dad off of life support

Goal yet to be achieved: to position my company and family for long term success

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