Leadership Spotlight on Dari Bowman - Class of 1988

Alumni Relations Committee
Leadership Palm Beach County
March 15, 2014




Leadership PBC President 1995-1996



Who encouraged you to apply for LPBC/How did you get involved in LPBC:  Anne Byerlein

How has LPBC affected you?  I have a greater appreciation of our county

What is your fondest LPBC memory? Our early board meetings (1990's)

What is something unexpected or surprising that you have derived from your involvement with LPBC?  Friendships

Where do you work and what do you do for a living:  Everywhere, charity work

What is your favorite aspect of your job:  Working with great people

Your education:  Lake Worth High School, Florida State University

Your civic and community involvement:  Children's Services Council, LPBC, LEAF, The Forum Club, EWPB

Your family: Husband, Billy, Children - Susie, Richard & Boa

City of birth:  Toledo, Ohio

Place of residence:  Tequesta

First job:  At my parents supermarket

Word that best describes you:  Happy

What brought you to Palm Beach County:  My family moved here when I was 2.

How long have you lived in PBC: Forever

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon:  Probably BBQing

What talent would you most like to have:  Play the piano

Would not leave home without:  Sunglasses

Greatest extravagance:  Shoes

Who are your real life heroes:   My parents

Most important lesson you've learned:  Get involved, we can make a difference

Last vacation:  Formula One race in Austin, Texas

Place you most want to visit:  New Zealand

Most interesting place you have visited:  Spain

Last book(s) read and favorite writers:  The Black Box - Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke, Randy Wayne White

Favorite spot in Palm Beach County:  My back yard

Favorite restaurant:  The Reef Grill


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