LPBC Business Day Recap - December 10, 2014

Leadership Palm Beach County
December 10, 2014

Recap by Terry Resk, Class of 2015


1)      What was the most important issue/debate discussed during the Session Day? What is the best way to solve/address that issue?  "Importance is in the opinion of the beholder," but an issue requiring further attention is the necessity of an education system that the targeted workforce will not only endure but will seek out.  The legislators and governors of this and successive administrations have got to be made to understand that the only way to attract the businesses they crave, with the resulting impact on the economy,  is to spend whatever time and money is necessary to improve our education system. 

2)      What was the second most important issue/debate discussed during the Session Day? What is the best way to solve/address that issue?  While not emphasized, the balance between the attraction of businesses and the quality of life must be maintained in order to continue to attract the businesses.  Doing what would be expedient to entice job-creating enterprises in the immediate future may defeat our efforts to sustain the desired level of expansion if we do not grow wisely.    We must ensure that the infrastructure can support the population, so must conserve natural resources not only for their beauty but so that the residents of tomorrow have basic needs ( i.e water)


3)      What can the broader leadership community do to solve/address these issues?  Chambers of commerce,  business development boards, and (for this administration) the base of the Republican party have got to convince the decision makers that short term gratification must be tempered in order to reach the long term goals.  Entities which are typically perceived as promoting industry should provide their own statistics and proof that resources must be allocated to items that do not appear to have a direct impact on business development (i.e. education, the arts, the environment).  While such action may be feared as taking resources needed for the desired development, it may be the only way to obtain and sustain continued growth.

Day Co-Chairs: Richard Abedon (Class of 2011) and Deana Pizzo (Class of 2014)

Committee Members:  Gary Hines (Class of 1988), Nancy Proffitt (2007), Caroline Villanueva (2014)

Subcommittee Chair: Rich Viens (Class of 2011)

Program Chair:  Bill Lynch (Class of 2010)

2015 Class Hosts: Tamara Minto, Jackie Reeves, Barbara LeBrun, and Wayne Burns, Tara Pellegrino and Diana Stanley (Photographers), Terry Resk (Reporter) and Jason Pizzo (Social Media)

Day Theme: Provide the Class with a macro overview of Palm Beach County’s business environment, as well as introduce the class to specific businesses and industry segments and current initiatives underway to promote economic vitality.  We will engage in dialogue with leaders from small, emerging and large corporations, as well as organizations that support economic development. Our goal is to provide class members with an understanding of the positive and negative factors impacting business formation and growth in Palm Beach County and how we can help ensure that Palm Beach County is well positioned to balance our scenic landscape with strong economic growth.



  • What does it take to attract and retain a talented, skilled workforce?
  • What are some of the key factors to attract and retain businesses?
  • What impact does insufficient early stage capital and support for early stage businesses have on PBC?
  • What impact does the bureaucratic regulatory environment have on business development and growth?
  • How is access or the lack of access to higher education facilities and intellectual capital effecting business development and employment?
  • Why does access to good K-12 public education matter to businesses?
  • Why a strong corporate base is vital to PBC, as well as the development of an entrepreneurial environment?
  • Is a lack of Class “A” Office Space and other facilities an impediment to business migration and growth?