Groundhog Day Job Shadow: Helps Students Pursue Educational and Career Goals

Leon Fooksman
Leadership Palm Beach County
February 19, 2015

Open to high school students, it’s a great opportunity for youth to spend a day learning job readiness skills in the real world with our community’s leaders.


This year, on Feb. 6, some of the students went to the office of the Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County. We asked County Clerk & Comptroller Sharon Bock (Class of 2000) to describe the day and what the students learned.


What did you learn about your Job Shadow participants?


Sharon Bock: The Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller hosted two Criminal Justice Jupiter High School seniors. The students stated that they were each planning to attend a Florida University and both had goals of working in the government sector, particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigation, upon college graduation. 


During the event, the students were given an overview of the Clerk & Comptroller’s duties, responsibilities and role in government by Executive Team members.  In an effort to mold the program to fit the students’ interests, the students spent the majority of their day shadowing staff in the Clerk’s Circuit and County Criminal departments. 


Additionally, to further provide a well-rounded work experience, the students received valuable interview and resume tips, viewed a presentation on how to dress for success, and received a review of their Predictive Index assessment results (a behavioral science-based assessment that provides insight for an individual’s motivating needs and behavioral drives). The students also received information on how to pay for college and establish good credit. 


The students provided feedback that they especially enjoyed learning about the Criminal Departments’ workflow processes in areas including data intake, the violations bureau, court proceeding and collections, along with the information provided on personal finances.


Why was it important for you to participate in the event?


Sharon Bock: It was important for the Clerk’s office to participate in this event because in addition to protecting, preserving and maintaining public records and public funds, we believe that we have a responsibility to engage the community.  By supporting partnerships between businesses, government, schools and individuals we are contributing to the betterment of Palm Beach County. 


When asked to participate in this program, the Clerk’s Office worked diligently to create activities to ensure each student received a thorough overview of their area of interest, while providing insight into all of the statutory and Constitutional functions performed by our office.  Ultimately, we want to align the job goals of high achieving, talented students in Palm Beach County with government and other careers ensuring this talent is available in the local job market.


What do you hope all the young participants gain from the Job Shadow event?


Sharon Bock: Our goals for participating in this event were to:


1) Expose the students to a professional work environment, instilling essential career and finance advice by providing students with interview and resume tips, and personal finance information;

2) Educate the students about career opportunities that exist in local government including professional positions such as attorneys and accountants;

3) Provide the students with a better understanding of the Clerk & Comptroller’s duties and responsibilities. 


We hope the experience will assist these future leaders as they pursue their educational and career goals in the future.



Find out here about Groundhog Day Job Shadow and how you can get involved in future events.



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