A Refreshed Identity: New Logos and Program Names Capture Our Impact

Leon Fooksman
Leadership Palm Beach County
April 25, 2015

 We are proud to share our new logo for Leadership Palm Beach County!


Why did we change the logo?



We abbreviated our name to LPBC and shortened the logo to create a more modern and engaging image that better captures the impact of our organization. We also wanted to be distinctive, convey a succinct meaning, and make it easier to refer to us. 


In addition, we have used our organization’s mission and core values to craft a new tagline: Connect, Collaborate and Change. These are words that tell the story of LPBC. We are a proactive and diverse group of alumni, participants, community partners, and supporters. We connect people and ideas, collaborate on issues, and positively change our community. 


This is the vision of LPBC.


To better reflect our programs’ missions and goals, we have made changes to the program names and designed supporting logos. The program logos help to guarantee a consistent brand message for our organization while staying true to the mission of LPBC. 


Adult Leadership is now Leadership Engage




Youth Leadership is now Leadership Grow.


And Focus is now Leadership Focus. 








We will showcase the LPBC logo at the Leadership Excellence Award in April, and then roll out the program logos in the summer months.


Thanks to all staff, alumni and volunteers who participated in this process. It was a long and rewarding journey! Collectively, we gave more than 200 hours in market research, creative design, and editing the logos and names until they were just right!


Let’s all Connect, Collaborate and Change – together!


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