2015 LEA Recipient Michele Poole: Passionate Advocate for Children

Leon Fooksman
Leadership Palm Beach County
April 25, 2015

Congratulations to our 2015 Leadership Excellence Award (LEA) Recipient: Michele Poole.


A graduate of LPBC Class of 2014, Michele received the award Friday, April 24, at the Kravis Center for Performing Arts in West Palm Beach in front of more than 300 alumni, sponsors and other supporters of LPBC who came together to honor and celebrate the work being done by LPBC alumni to make Palm Beach County a better community.


As one of five LEA finalists, Michele stood out for her work as a passionate advocate for children. Here is an excerpt from her bio:


“About 21 years ago, Michele’s world came to a screeching halt when, as she arrived at a local hospital after being called with an emergency situation, she found out that her son had shaken one of his twin infant daughters so hard that the baby developed permanent, severe brain damage attributed to Shaken Baby Syndrome. 


Michele fought for, and was awarded permanent custody of her two granddaughters. Since then, Michele has been a passionate advocate for children, and sits on the national board of the National Center on Shaken Baby Prevention. Through that organization, Michele crafted legislation in 25 states to mandate SBS prevention materials for all newborns, and raised money to have the prevention program translated into 11 languages. 


As a member of their speaker’s bureau, she has carried the message nationwide for 20 years. As President of Arc Florida, she helped to craft legislation providing relief for people with developmental disabilities from laws that prohibit their ability to earn money and not lose their SSI. The bill, known as the ABLE Act, was recently signed into law by President Obama, and is touted as the single biggest reform since the ADA act.”


The other four finalists were:


-- Dorothy Bradshaw, Class of 1992, South Florida Water Management District

-- Manual Farach, Class of 1995, Richman Greer, P.A.

-- Maria Marino, Class of 2010, Jupiter Children’s Foundation

-- Sandra Close Turnquest, Class of 1987, CloseForward


Read their bios, as well as Michele’s entire bio, here.


In addition, LPBC congratulates the LEA nominees:


Frank Compiani, Class of 1991, McGladrey, LLP

Rita Craig, Class of 1987, Top Tier Leadership

Karis Engle, Class of 2010, The Glades Initiative, Inc.

Dena Foman, Class of 2013, McLaughlin & Stern, LLP

Laurie George, Class of 2003, United Way of Palm Beach County

Bari Goldstein, Class of 2010, Ford Harrison LLP

Max Macon, Class of 2014, Florida Power & Light Company

Julie Swindler, Class of 2012, Families First of Palm Beach County


We are grateful for all the work done by our 2015 LEA Honorary Co-Chairs:


-- Art Menor, Partner, Shutts & Bowen, Class of 1995

-- Rudy Schupp, Valley National Bank, Class of 1987


And we are just as thankful to all the efforts contributed by our 2015 LEA Event Co-Chairs:


-- Rose Novotny, Class of 2013

-- Keely Taylor, Class of 2014

-- Kathy Wall, Class of 2012


Together, our LEA recipient, finalists, nominees, and event co-chairs make a huge difference in our community every year.


We should all be appreciative of their dedication and service.


Photo Credit: The Palm Beach Post

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