“Back on the Bus” Reunites LPBC Classmates To Do Public Good

Leon Fooksman
Leadership Palm Beach County
April 27, 2015

Last month, dozens of LPBC alumni and supporters got “Back on the Bus” for a behind-the-scenes tour of Palm Beach County. Ronnie Helsby (Class of 1987) was one of them.


She was amazed how much she learned. Many new companies and organizations had opened since she graduated from LPBC nearly three decades ago. But one thing remained unchanged over the years: the “selfless dedication of so many” in helping those in need.


She described her day below.

By Ronnie Helsby


It was more than nostalgic to 'Get Back on the Bus' with other Leadership Palm Beach County alumni after 27 years. I was in the class of 1987. The camaraderie on and off the bus was as if we had all been in the same Leadership class. A neat experience!


Being 'Back on the Bus' was a refreshing reminder of the wonderful county we live in and the generous caring of so many, who give of their time and talents to help those in need.


The day was well planned and was unique to me, in that I was introduced to several companies and organizations that didn't exist when I went through the Leadership program in 1987.


Our county has grown tremendously throughout the years along with the selfless dedication of so many. I marvel at the number of organizations that have been created with the sole purpose of helping others.


It touched my heart to learn of the Children's Medical Services and the excellent care given to disabled children, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to have that care. Although I didn't meet any of the children, personally, we were shown a video depicting some of the children and the loving care they are given. I noticed that Boys Town is one of the partners, so I feel that I am indirectly involved since that is one of the charities I assist financially. What a great feeling!


We sometimes think that we, as individuals, can't make a difference. But we can!


The Food Bank began with several agencies' dream of feeding those in need in our own county. Now it parallels a major industry, working with over 100 other groups, and feeding over 120,000 people.


A fairly new industry, Sun Recycling was created to recycle construction waste. Not only are they extremely successful, but we learned that they feed every employee a hot meal each day. They value their people, and that says a lot for who they are.


It was quite a diverse agenda for the day, and that made it so interesting. In visiting Oxbridge Academy, we learned of the emphasis the administrators put on caring for one another, almost on a level with the academics; the true lesson to be learned.


Of course, the Science Museum speaks for itself with hands on experience and displays of many varieties. The Mummy exhibit, with a reconstructed tomb, complete with hieroglyphics, was fascinating.


My thoughts were focused on the value of life and the realization that we need to continue to make a contribution, as best we can, to our less fortunate fellow human beings, and to try to make our world a better place. Not an easy task, but with the Grace of God, a possibility.


Thank you Leadership Palm Beach County for creating that awareness and the awareness of so many facets of our unique Palm Beach County.