Kim Jones Becomes 2016 LPBC President

July 27, 2015

Our new President Kim Jones (2003) is focusing on three core goals: growing our programs, expanding our partnerships, and having more “presence” from our alumni. She recently did a Q&A on her vision for LPBC and explained why she wanted to serve as president.


What is your vision for LPBC in the coming year?


Kim Jones: This is an exciting time for LPBC. We have three primary areas of focus for the year. Programs, Partnerships and Presence.


First and foremost, we are working to ensure that our programs are relevant and sustainable. Clearly we have a model that is successful, but we also want to be mindful that our participants are demanding even more from us every year. We are working to ensure that we are offering the right mix of programs. We have significant opportunity to expand our scope, and the community and our alumni are asking us to provide a broader range of offerings. We want to stay true to our mission of educating and uniting leaders and that will continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.  


Partnerships is about developing and strengthening our ties to all of the businesses and organizations that support us. One of our goals for this year is to expand our reach by looking at new ways to connect and collaborate with other organizations. Palm Beach County is growing and changing and we want to make sure that we are front and center on the key issues and opportunities that will shape Palm Beach County over the next several years.


Presence is another area we will be working on this year. We are the preeminent Leadership organization in the county and we need to have a voice in matters that affect us all whether we work in the private, non profit or government sector. Our alumni and graduates are engaged in all of these areas and we want to tap into that wealth of knowledge and diversity and strengthen our position as thought leaders in this community.


Why did you want to serve as president?


Kim Jones: Being President of LPBC is a tremendous opportunity and honor. I am humbled by the depth of talent and leadership that has come before me. I believe that this is a critical time for the organization and we need to work to build consensus among a lot of divergent groups. We have built a strong, focused and highly engaged Board and I’m hopeful that we can accomplish some things this year that we’ve only been able to talk about in the past.


What can the LPBC alumni and current classes do to make LPBC an even stronger organization?


Kim Jones: Quite simply, get involved. Figure out which of our three key areas, whether it is programs, partnerships, or presence, resonates with you and jump on board. For those graduates that haven’t been engaged recently, we need your insight and talent more than ever. This isn’t about simply planning an event or a session day, though those activities are incredibly important, it’s about really helping LPBC step into a leadership role in this community.

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