Leadership Programs Are Pipelines to Vital Organizations

Courtney Curatolo, PhD
Leadership Palm Beach County
October 22, 2015

Our new CEO Courtney Curatolo is exploring important leadership topics in a new monthly blog.


When you applied to participate in Leadership Engage, Leadership Grow or Leadership Focus, did you understand the impact it would have on your life and your community? 

Programs like these have had significant impact on developing sustainable solutions for challenges in our community, because leaders like you dedicate time to enhance your knowledge and give back.

More than 1,500 emerging and aspiring leaders have been through our programs since 1983.  Today, many of our alumni are truly changing our community, and beyond, by serving on government, nonprofit and business boards that set policies, make funding decisions, and touch the lives of millions of people.

I’m certain that at least some of your inspiration to get involved came from an event or learning experience that took place during your unique journey in Leadership Palm Beach County programs.

In fact, local leadership development programs have impacted communities around the world by developing strong, knowledgeable, and effective leaders who are challenged to make a difference in their communities. They have produced leaders who learned to develop collaborative and sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues in their regions.

Our programs help leaders develop a sense of community, enhance leadership skills, and empower and motivate them to get involved in volunteer work, charitable giving and seeking election to public office. These programs enable participants to develop social capital and gain an understanding of the world around us.

LPBC and similar programs across the country are catalysts to make a difference, transfer knowledge, establish behavioral changes and take ownership and responsibility for the leadership in a community. 

Think about how your personal LPBC experience has changed your life and the community around you. I hope you feel strongly about encouraging others to learn through this shared experience of Leadership Palm Beach County. Tell them to sign up for our 2 1/2 day Leadership Focus Program taking place in January or apply for our nine-month Leadership Engage Program.

It is crucial to continue the successes of growth in our community, collaborating to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges we face, and ensuring there is a pipeline of individuals qualified and interested in doing public good. That can only be done if we continue to educate Palm Beach County residents on the important issues affecting us each day and being a part of their personal journey to building their leadership skills.