Hey Lifelong Learners! Our New Lunch and Learn Program Is For You

Courtney Curatolo
January 23, 2016

I think it’s safe to assume that those interested in Leadership Palm Beach County are lifelong learners. You agree?


At its core LPBC is a learning organization. We’re all about creating opportunities where new patterns of thinking are nurtured, collective aspiration encouraged, and people are continually learning how to learn together. We strive to inspire adult learning which leads to trust in others, positive self-image, positive expectations and attitudes, and effective interaction with others.


Leadership development programs, like LPBC, are attractive to lifelong learners because they provide opportunities for innovation and the ability to become part of the culture of a community. Our organization motivates and cultivates the skills of participants in order to improve the community, encourage fundamental change, and create, replenish and diversify leadership for these changes.  


So why am I telling you all this?  Because I am issuing a call to action that will interest all lifelong learners!


This month, LPBC is kicking-off a new program called Leadership Lunch and Learn. These lunchtime networking and learning events will provide a unique space to learn about important challenges facing Palm Beach County, but will also include ways for all of us to be part of the solution. They will take place at the Palm Beach Post (2751 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach) on the fourth Tuesday of every other month from 11:30-1pm.


Our first one tackled gangs in Palm Beach County. On Jan. 26, a panel of experts, including a former gang member, discussed how gangs operate and how destructive they are to our daily lives. They also engrossed us in a meaningful discussion on what we can all do to reduce the spread of gangs.


Here’s the takeaway…LPBC enables people to collaborate in the process of solving community challenges and developing community stewardship.


By signing up for our Leadership Lunch and Learn events, you’ll satisfy your learning curiosity – and you’ll help us become a stronger learning organization and be a catalyst for positive change.


Courtney Curatolo is LPBC’s Chief Executive Officer.