Our New Program & Development Coordinator: LPBC’s Mission Aligns With My Values

Courtney Curatolo
Leadership Palm Beach County
March 24, 2016


Welcome Katie Frost! She is LPBC’s new Program & Development Coordinator.


She has taught underserved youth to kayak and paddleboard. She has done grant writing and developed employment, life skills and mentoring programs. And she has a Master’s in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University.


Katie says: “LPBC’s mission to unite leaders to build a better community, which is a wonderful mission, aligns with my own personal core values.”


Read about her background and goals for LPBC below.



What is your professional background?


As a South Florida native it was important for me to come back home after finishing my undergraduate studies at Lake Forest College in way too cold Illinois. After years of volunteering for non-profits and awesome causes (highlights include the PBC Library, Delta Gamma’s Foundation Service for Sight, and TOP Soccer) and temporarily interning at Northwood University, I decided to volunteer a year of my time and became an AmeriCorps member. I taught underserved youth (ages 8-18) to kayak and paddleboard while teaching them core values. I remember asking about the South Florida branch in my interview, after not being able to find any information, and being told that I would be the one starting the new branch of this non-profit. After my year of service, I moved on to Vita Nova. Inc. where I held a variety of roles working with young adults (ages 16-25) in my 4+ years there. In my time there I wore many hats including grant writing, establishing and implementing a continuous quality improvement committee, and developing employment, life skills and mentoring programs. During my time at Vita Nova and AmeriCorps I earned my Masters in Public Administration from FAU.


Why did you want to work for a leadership organization?


If you’ve never heard of TOP Soccer, I highly recommend checking it out. It is a program for young athletes with disabilities to play a modified version of Soccer. Next season I will be going on my 10th year of coaching. Started in 2000 by my grandfather, it has grown from a dozen athletes to 180. My grandfather started this program not because any of his family members had disabilities, but he saw a need for this population to have the opportunity to do what other people their age were doing and, most importantly, to have fun. I grew up idolizing both him and my parents, who met in the military after enlisting. They always taught me to help those who need it most and that it’s my responsibility to leave the world a better place. LPBC’s mission to unite leaders to build a better community, which is a wonderful mission, aligns with my own personal core values. It’s amazing to not only see leaders in the community work together to strengthen our home but also how successful working collaboratively can be.


What will you focus on in making LPBC a stronger organization?


I am extremely excited to join the LPBC team and add my education and experience to this already wonderful organization. I have a strong passion for program development and capacity building. I believe LPBC can grow and develop additional programs to have a wider reach. Also, I believe alumni engagement and re-engagement is crucial for an organization and will focus on that as well.