Leadership Grow Business Day

Leadership Palm Beach County
April 26, 2016

The 2016 Leadership GROW class enjoyed Business Day with a back of the house tour of The Breakers and a special Starbucks competition. Chris of Suncoast High School recaps the day here.


What was the most important issue/debate discussed during Business Day?

The most important issue discussed today is the working conditions of the Third World Country farms. In many areas, Third World farms have terrible working conditions and unfair pay.

What can youth, as well as adults, do to solve/address this issue? What’s the call to action?


Adults running stores can make sure that they are buying their supplies from approved farms to ensure that they are not buying from malicious farms. Starbucks is, wonderfully, already doing this. Starbucks representatives inspect the coffee farms all over the world before they will buy coffee beans from them. The inspectors ensure that the working conditions are safe and the workers have clean water and are being paid fairly.