Paying Your LPBC Alumni Dues Will Help Build a Stronger Community

Courtney Curatolo
Leadership Palm Beach County
May 23, 2016

Think back to your favorite Leadership Palm Beach County experiences.

Do you remember the first friend you made at the opening retreat? 

Or the laughter in the back of the bus on your way to Belle Glade? 

Or the powerful impact of touring a hospital or a critical nonprofit during the Health and Human Services Day?  Were you inspired by the speakers?

Great moments, right?

Well, it’s that time of year when we ask you to renew your LPBC membership and help us create similar moments for new classes and our alumni.

As you know (and have read in my previous blogs), local leadership development programs like LPBC are an integral part of growing a moral community, and alumni associations enable leaders to sustain the education that takes place in these programs.


Approximately 73% of leadership programs have an alumni program and use different methods to keep alumni involved such as holiday parties, newsletters, community projects, monthly meetings, annual retreats, volunteer opportunities, and refresher courses. These activities provide the opportunity for people to continue the experience they have enjoyed while being in the program. 


The draw to leadership development programs is adult learning and civic community involvement which come from creating partnerships and collaborative efforts. Partnerships are really important. The stronger the partnerships between the public, private, and non-profit sectors, the stronger the resources, shared visions, and collaborations on community projects. 


Staying involved in LPBC by paying your alumni dues provides the opportunity for continued networking, building relationships and keeping those partnerships strong so our community can continue tackling the big issues.


So I ask you to think back again to your most cherished LPBC moments and recall the time you decided to get involved in a community initiative.


I know many of you have joined boards, committees, councils, and other grassroots causes because of what you learned or the connections you made at LPBC.


Consider how much your experience at LPBC has enriched your life. So please be sure to pay your dues to remain an active member of the LPBC alumni association. 


Your membership expires June 30, 2016, unless you paid for two years when renewing your dues in 2015.  Membership renewal is $125 until June 31.  After that date, dues increase to $150, so click here to pay your dues today.  

Courtney Curatolo, PhD, is Chief Executive Officer of Leadership Palm Beach County.