Bridges Palm Beach County Project Brings Youth and Elderly Together

Leon Fooksman
Leadership Palm Beach County
July 27, 2016

Bridges Palm Beach County Project Brings Youth and Elderly Together


What an interesting idea: youth teaching the elderly, and the elderly teaching youth. That’s the concept behind the 2016 LPBC civic engagement project Bridges Palm Beach County.


The project connected members of our 2016 Engage class with leaders in Pahokee, with one clear goal: integrating multiple generations of Pahokee residents to provide diversity and help youth and the elderly broaden their perspectives.


We had Engage members Chris Callahan and Alpesh Patel offer their insights on how their project made a difference in the community.


1) Explain your project.


Chris Callahan: Bridges Palm Beach County is a program designed for the City of Pahokee’s Parks & Recreation Department in an effort to “Bridge the Gap” between the elderly and youth by providing a playbook of activities for their summer engagement program. The City of Pahokee constitutes a small population of people typically with little resources. Due to the lack of affordable year round activities for the area youth and elderly, the City of Pahokee Parks & Recreation Department began serving the residents of the Pahokee Community in August of 1989. 


2) Why is your project important in our community?


Chris Callahan: LPBC’s Bridges Program represents a more recent effort to stay current, addressing cultural and educational needs. The youth can teach the elderly about technology, and the elderly can teach the youth history. The integration of multiple generations provides diversity and will help both groups broaden their perspectives.


The goal of our project is to help build community and bring people of different generations together. 


Alpesh Patel: We also designed the initiative around Creative Commons - the content is available for Free with Attribution for Non-Profit Use and we will be encouraging everyone to contribute their favorite team activities.


3) What can the LPBC community do to support your project in the future?


Chris Callahan: Follow up on our new website where you can volunteer to attend some of our events during the Summer 2016 program, or suggest new activities to be included in the playbook.


Alpesh Patel: We will be requesting our LPBC family and friends to help us grow this resource organically.

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