Leadership Engage sees what makes PBC attractive on Business Day

Eric Royal (2017)
January 24, 2017

Class of 2017 experiences South Florida Businesses and hears what it takes to attract employers to Palm Beach County

By Eric Royal; Photos by Trey Fogg


What was the most important issue/debate discussed during  Business Day? What is the best way to solve or address the issue?

I’d say the biggest issue was making/keeping Palm Beach County attractive to new and existing businesses.  The BDB certainly seems to be doing its part to get the attention of various enterprises throughout the state/country. (I’ve seen this firsthand as member of the LORE board of Palm Beach County, which is partnered with BDB).  The County should also continue to offer incentives and promote an overall business friendly environment, which it seems to be doing. 

What was the 2nd most important issue/debate discussed during Business Day? What is the best way to solve or address the issue?

Another issue that was discussed was preventing a “brain drain” of young talent from leaving Palm Beach County.  While this may have been an issue in the past, it seems like the County is turning the corner, and I think Modernizing Medicine is a great example of this.  They have 500+ employees, most of which are young, talented people who have chosen Palm Beach County as a place to work and live.  I think this trend will continue. 


What can the broader leadership community do to solve/address these issues.

As long as the leadership community continues represent Palm Beach County in a great light and the population of South Florida continues to grow, I believe the County will continue attract worthwhile enterprises and become a beacon of desirability for companies all over the country/world.