Important Message From Board President Nancy Proffitt

Nancy Proffitt
Leadership Palm Beach County
March 31, 2017

Important Message From Our LPBC President Nancy Proffit


Dear Leadership PBC Alumni,
I want to share with you an update on behalf of your Board of Governors of LPBC. The nomination period for election to the Board is now open. This year, there are changes to the process of which you should take note. On March 28, the Board voted unanimously to amend the Bylaws of our organization and to put into place new Policies & Procedures which changes how people are selected to the Board and the size of the Board. As part of these amendments, we voted to establish a Board Development Committee which will put forward a slate of nominees to fill vacancies of the Board.  
This is an exciting change for our organization! Over the years, LPBC has grown and evolved, but our governance has not. These changes are the result of months of review and discussion between Board members, alumni, past Presidents, and Community Partners. The newly formed Board Development Committee will accept applications, as well as recruit and evaluate candidates for the Board who will continue working toward LPBC's strategic goals, while ensuring diversity of geography, industries, and organizations. 
The Board Development Committee is just beginning their work to identify strong candidates for next year's Board of Governors. I hope you're encouraged by this progress for LPBC and will participate in this year's election process. You can review the amended Bylaws and Policies & Procedures on the member section of the LPBC website. If you're interested in being considered for a seat on the Board, please review the Willingness to Serve application which is posted on the LPBC website. Board and officers' applications are due to the LPBC office by April 26th.  All dues-paying alumni will be eligible to vote for the slate of Governors to the Board in early June.
Thank you for your support of LPBC's programs and events! I'm excited about the progress we are making as an organization and invite you to become part of our continued success!
Nancy Proffitt
2016-17 President of the Board
PS-Don't forget, the application for ENGAGE program is open until April 30 or you can easily click here to recommend someone to apply for the program. Applications for the Leadership Excellence Award are now open! This year, we are accepting nominations in three categories: public, private and non-profit sectors.  You can find the application here and submit it by April 10. Winners will be recognized at our Celebration event on June 8th.