Leadership Spotlight on Trixy Walker - Class of 2009

Alumni Relations Committee
October 12, 2011



You’re Leadership Palm Beach County Class Year: 2009

 How did you get involved in Leadership Palm Beach County:   I inquired about it after learning about it through observing my previous employer’s involvement

Who encouraged you to apply for Leadership Palm Beach County:   Nancy Goldman

 How has Leadership Palm Beach County affected you:   I became aware of what Palm Beach County communities face daily.

What is the best benefit that you have derived from your involvement with Leadership Palm Beach County:  The best benefit of my involvement with Leadership is building relationships with people I may not have met otherwise.

 What you do for a living:   I am a business owner. 

What you like best about your job:   I like that I get to help people squeeze 36 hours into a 24 hour day.

Your education:    MBA from University of Phoenix

Your civic and community involvement:   I am a member of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches and I am the chair of the directory committee. I am part of the Alumni Committee for Leadership of Palm Beach County. I am the director of a women business networking group.

Your professional/trade industry associations:   International Lifestyle Management and Concierge Association. National Association of Notary.

Your family:   Adult daughters 22 & 20, two boys ages 12 & 6. Married to Cartriel Walker

City of birth:  Eastman GA

Place of residence:   West Palm Beach

First job:   Burger King at the age of 14

Word that best describes you:  Goddess

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon:   Football field with the boys or basketball court side depending on the season. But I dedicate my Saturday to my family.

Favorite way to spend time:   My all time favorite time is well spent when I am just hanging with my 2 sisters.

Would not leave home without:   My lip gloss

Mentor:   I have several mentors and the list continues to grow. Ann McNeil & Nancy Goldman play a major role in my life. They both contribute to the person I am today.

Most important lesson you've learned:   That I can choose the life that I desire.

Life motto:   Live life to the fullest everyday.

Best vacation you have taken:   Trip to Jamaica for Girls only

Last vacation:   Miami South Beach with my sisters

Place you most want to visit:   Hawaii

Last book(s) read:   The power of Positive Thinking

Last movie watched:   Courageous

Favorite TV show:  Suits

Best decision:   Giving birth to all my children

Worst decision:   Falling or (thinking I was) in love as a teenager

Goal yet to be achieved:   Best Selling Author

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