Leadership Spotlight on Christina D’Elosua, Executive Director, Leadership PBC - Class of 2012

Alumni Relations Committee
December 13, 2011



Your Leadership Palm Beach County Class Year: 2012

Who encouraged you to apply for LPBC/How did you get involved in LPBC: My former boss, Bob Gordon is an alumni and encouraged me to join.   I joined the Focus Class and then my fellow classmates, Christopher Noe and Stephanie Waldrop encouraged me to apply for the Adult Program. 

How has LPBC affected you: It is truly amazing to be surrounded by so many wonderful leaders from the community. I think it keeps me on my toes and helps continuously inspire me to do more J

What is the best benefit that you have derived from your involvement with LPBC: I landed my dream job!

What you do for a living: Rally the troops of Alumni that make up this great organization!  

What you like best about your job: I love learning from each of our Alumni – everyone has a different life experience and a different perspective when approaching a project. You’ll often find me sitting back and observing our differences and then watching as we all work together for the betterment of Palm Beach County. It is an amazing process!

Your education: BS in Public Relations and Business from University of Florida

Masters in Communication & Technology from Rollins College

 Your civic and community involvement:

Junior League of the Palm Beaches, Communications Co-Chair

Sunfest Board Member; Media & Public Relations Chairperson

Northern Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Board Member

Chamber of the Palm Beaches, Athena Young Professional Award Finalist

Public Relations Society of America, Secretary

Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida, 100th Anniversary Committee

American Heart Association Lawyers Have Heart Walk Team Captain

Loggerhead Marinelife Center Blue Friends

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training; Man/Woman of the Year Committee

Young Friends of the Norton Member

Little Smiles volunteer

Resource Depot volunteer

 City of birth: Melbourne, FL

 Place of residence: West Palm Beach

 First job: Ron Jon Surf Shop – Community Advocate (ask me about it…it was such a fun job)

 Word that best describes you: Passionate  

 What brought you to Palm Beach County: While working for the American Cancer Society I traveled throughout the state training staff and volunteers on fundraising and donor relations. I was in PBC so often, I started to really feel comfortable here. After the North Palm Beach Executive Director moved away – I was recruited to run the office. 

 How long have you lived in PBC: 5 years

Where we would find you on a Saturday morning: Running, biking or swimming (training for a marathon or triathlon) or in the off season – getting brunch with friends.

 Favorite way to spend time: Doing something active and productive…scuba diving, boot camp, playing with my nieces and nephews, concerts, planning events…

 Would not leave home without: My iPhone

Greatest extravagance: I always felt very extravagant when I lived in NYC when I would send my laundry out to be washed and folded. LOL. Really it was just way more convenient than lugging multiple loads up and down 3 flights of stairs. 

 Mentor: My mom, Gloria. She did an amazing job raising 3 kids, working at NASA and putting herself through school. She always encouraged me to work my hardest, have high integrity and value my faith, friends and family. 

 Most important lesson you've learned: To evaluate what I place importance on in my life – because in an instant it can all be taken away.

 Person most interested in meeting: Ellen Degeneres – she seems so full of passion for life and so excited to be living! 

 Life motto: Live, Laugh, Love

 Best vacation you have taken: Napa Valley and San Fran are my favorite vacation spots so far!

 Place you most want to visit: A Chateau in the French Alps for a Skiing/Snowboarding getaway

Last book(s) read: The Help…Who Moved My Cheese…Dirty Sexy Politics…Skippyjon Jones. I also love reading Time, Real Simple and the Oprah Magazines.  

Favorite spot in Palm Beach County: Swimming in the ocean on Singer Island at daybreak… so peaceful and beautiful out there.

 Favorite restaurant: I love food! So it’s hard for me to pick just one…Carmines; Leftovers Café; Sushi Jo; Rocco’s; Nick’s Tomato Pie; Capital Grille; Morton’s; Gratify; City Diner; Echo; Dada; Reef Grill; Old Key Lime House; The Melting Pot….Can you tell I don’t cook??

 Favorite movie: My Cousin Vinny

 Favorite TV Show(s): I don’t watch a lot of TV mostly The Today Show in the mornings, and there are usually some funny Modern Family episodes saved on my DVR.

 Best decision: To move to Palm Beach County

 Worst decision: To try those new Pretzel M&M’s…OH MY…I just can’t say no!!  And maybe texting and walking – there is now a video on YouTube immortalizing my fall. 

Toughest decision: iPhone black or iPhone white?? Ok, ok…seriously…I face tough decisions all the time, but I make sure to consult my great friends and family – they always seem to help me through even the toughest of times. 

 Goal yet to be achieved: To travel in Europe

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