Leadership Spotlight on Vicki Chouris - Class of 2010

Alumni Relations Committee
December 28, 2012




Who encouraged you to apply for LPBC/How did you get involved in LPBC:  Participating in the Leadership Palm Beach County class program is something I wanted to do for many years.  Timing was never right until the year 2010. 

How has LPBC affected you?  Leadership continues to affect me on a regular basis.  I am involved with the new class this year in my position as Co-Director of the Adult Program.  I also serve on the Board of Governors.  Leadership Palm Beach County has given me the opportunity to learn from others, but also allows me to help mentor and guide others.  It is a real “give and get back” organization.

What is your fondest LPBC memory?  This is a really difficult question.  I would have to say fond memories are created every time the Class of 2010 gathers as a group.  We usually have 10-15 people get together for special occasions – many of which we deem special solely to us. 

What is something unexpected or surprising that you have derived from your involvement with LPBC?   I knew my classmates would be leaders in the community, but I had no idea the relationships I made would extend beyond my class involvement.  Three years later I still have the opportunity to work/volunteer side by side with some of our County’s leading citizens.  I have developed true friendships with some amazing individuals.

Where do you work and what do you do for a living:  I have the good fortune of being an employee of the South Florida Fair and Palm Beach County Expositions.  The 2013 Fair will be my 32nd Fair – 4 of them as a part-time Fair employee and 28 of them as a full time member of the staff.  My position is Vice President/Chief Operating Officer.

What is your favorite aspect of your job:   I love working with our incredible staff to produce our main event – The South Florida Fair.  We have a working environment where everyone is encouraged to help one another and team success is acknowledged along with individual recognition

Your education:  I received both my undergraduate degree and my MBA from a wonderful university right here in Palm Beach County – Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Your civic and community involvement:  I serve as Vice Chair of the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau; Past Chair and current Board member of Palm Beach State College Foundation Board; Alumni Board of Palm Beach Atlantic University; Board of Governors for Leadership Palm Beach County; Advisory Board for Quantum House.

Your professional/trade industry associations:  Past Chair of both the Florida Federation of Fairs and the Florida Festivals and Events Association.  I currently serve on the International Association of Fairs and Expositions certification committee.

Your family:  I have been married for 13 years to Toby Notman.  My mother – Evelyn Chouris is 82 years old.  I have one sister, Linda and a brother, George.  I have 3 nieces and 4 nephews, and I am a great aunt (literally) 4 times.

City of birth:  Massillon, Ohio – Same city my husband was born!

Place of residence:  Unincorporated Palm Beach County

First job:  In my father’s pharmacy in Canal Fulton, Ohio.  He fired me several times!

Your motto:  When the going gets tough I always remind myself “This too shall pass”.

What brought you to Palm Beach County:  My parents moved here in 1979 and I followed them in 1981.

How long have you lived in PBC:  32 years February 1, 2013

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon:  Hopefully on the golf course or reading a book by the pool.

What is your idea of perfect happiness:  My life as it is.

What talent would you most like to have:  I wish I could sing.  My husband also wishes I could sing!

Would not leave home without:  Makeup

What do you consider your greatest achievement:  My marriage

Greatest extravagance:  My travels!

Mentor:  Buck Christian, the past CEO of the Fair who hired me.

Who are your real life heroes:  My parents and my husband’s parents.  Both couples were married over 50 years prior to the passing of our fathers.

Most important lesson you've learned:  Always be honest.

Person most interested in meeting:  James Patterson – which I get to do at the South Florida Fair this year, Saturday, January 26.

Life motto:  You have but one life to live, you have to live it to the fullest. – A quote given by a dear friend’s grandfather.

Best vacation you have taken:  A trip to Spain and Greece in 2010.

Last vacation:  England, Scotland and Wales this past summer.

Place you most want to visit:  Italy is next.

Most interesting place you have visited:  I have been to all 50 states.  There is something unique about every single one.

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