Youth Leadership - Environment Day Dispatch - January 24, 2013

Youth Leadership Class of 2013
February 22, 2013

Report by Hailey Robles - Holmes
Boca Raton High School


Today our class went on an environmental exploration.

We started out our day at the Loxahatchee River Center and learned about the importance of the Loxahatchee River - even how it's meaning was derived from a Seminole tribe's language and means "river of the turtles." We learned about the many marine ecosystems, one being an estuary, and how they protect different species.

Next, we headed to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and took a tour of the facility, seeing animals such as bobcats, owls, and panthers. We learned many useful tips on how to protect these beautiful creatures and how to help the environment. We ended the day with some interesting information about the importance of the Grassy Waters Preserve and an awesome canoeing trip. We saw two full grown alligators as well as a baby. It was quite scary but eventful. Everyone loved the canoeing and overall the day was a smashing success.