Leadership Spotlight on Dan Shorter - Class of 1987

Alumni Relations Committee
June 25, 2013


Leadership PBC President - 1990-1991


Who encouraged you to apply for LPBC: Gale Howden

How has LPBC affected you? Leadership heightened my understanding of the needs around me and gave me an amazing array of fellow graduates to work with and learn from.

What is your fondest LPBC memory? The board members I served with when chairman

What is something unexpected or surprising that you have derived from your involvement with LPBC? How long I have been involved and how I am just as excited today as I was 4 decades ago about the ability of LPBC to help our community

Where do you work and what do you do for a living: I live in Palm Beach Gardens with my lovely wife Jacquie, our 120-pound puppy Thor and 4 cats; I am the VP Editorial Operations for Digital First Media, which manages about 300 newspapers all across the U.S., including the Denver Post, St. Paul Pioneer Press, New Haven Register and San Jose Mercury News. I spend half my time in Palm Beach County and the other half in New York where I have an office or at one of the papers.

What is your favorite aspect of your job: Making money and saving money to save journalists’ jobs

Your education: BA Virginia Commonwealth University

Your civic and community involvement: Since 1987, my wife and I have operated a volunteer-run pantry at Village Baptist Church that feeds more than 850 families a month. For 9 years, was volunteer director of the Community Food Trucks, which rescued and/or transported tens of millions of pounds of produce, frozen meat and canned and dry goods and gave it all away free to more than 100 local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries.

Your family: Wife Jacquie

City of birth: Danville, VA

Place of residence: Palm Beach Gardens

First job: Before 1st grade I worked for my father; using a large piece of chalk I would measure and mark 500 saw logs daily. I also trimmed the tops out of the trees. Out of college, my first job was as a copy editor at The Palm Beach Post.

Word that best describes you: Hard-working

What brought you to Palm Beach County: an internship with the Palm Beach Post

How long have you lived in PBC: 36 years

Where we would find you on a Saturday afternoon: giving out food to the poor

What is your idea of perfect happiness: Carolina Tar Heels winning the Final Four

Last vacation: Final Four in Atlanta

Goal yet to be achieved:  CEO of a PBC non-profit

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