Leadership Spotlight on Marty Rogol - Class of 2004

Alumni Relations Committee
June 28, 2013


Leadership PBC President - 2007-2008


Who encouraged you to apply for LPBC/How did you get involved in LPBC: It is all on Nancy Goldman.

How has LPBC affected you? Connected me very strongly to the key issues facing Palm Beach County and the importance of working together to address them.

What is your fondest LPBC memory? Standing in the then recently redone Old Courthouse presenting the Ethics Pledge to a packed and very excited room and being told by Barry Berg, the first LPBC President, that what we were doing was why LPBC was created.

What is something unexpected or surprising that you have derived from your involvement with LPBC? The depth of the connections made, both with one’s class, and with the graduates that we all get to work with.

Where do you work and what do you do for a living: Next Horizon Communications, LLC.  We provide very high quality strategic communications counsel, a steady diet of ideas and the language to articulate our client’s message, value proposition and differentiators.

What is your favorite aspect of your job: Putting together the communications strategy for our clients.

Your education: A.B., University of Cincinnati; JD, National Law Center, George Washington University

Your civic and community involvement: Past President, LPBC; Past Board Chair, G Star School for the Arts; Past Chair, Beautification Committee, Town of Jupiter; Board of Directors, SunFest

Your family: Wife: Karen Clarke; Stepson, Chad Clarke; Grandchildren, Reilly and Rhett Clarke

City of birth: New York

Place of residence: Jupiter, FL

First job: shipper @ Rialto Merchandise

What brought you to Palm Beach County: Karen

How long have you lived in PBC: 25 years

What is your idea of perfect happiness: hanging with the grandchildren

What talent would you most like to have: As a left-handed pitcher in high school, if only I had a great curveball.

Would not leave home without: iPhone

What do you consider your greatest achievement: Getting Karen to say yes

Greatest extravagance: sports car

Most important lesson you've learned: To be accepting of change.  As good or bad as it is at the moment, it will always be different shortly.

Life motto: from Shakespeare … Love all, trust a few and do harm to none.

Best vacation you have taken: Italy

Place you most want to visit: Orient

Most interesting place you have visited: Alaska

Favorite spot in Palm Beach County: Anywhere the sun is shining

Favorite restaurant: Reef Grill

Goal yet to be achieved: Becoming the best person I can be.

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