Press Release: Leaders Striving to Change the Odds for At-Risk Children in Palm Beach County

July 24, 2013

Leaders Striving to Change the Odds for At-Risk Children

in Palm Beach County


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (July 12, 2013) – The Center for Child Counseling transitioned to new organizational leadership last month, with a Chief Executive Office and Board of Directors who are determined to change the odds for the youngest and most vulnerable children in Palm Beach County. Previously known as All ‘Bout Children, the nonprofit organization was founded in 1999 to provide early intervention and quality preventive mental health services for very young children, with the vision of enabling them to become productive, caring, and resilient members of our community later in life.


In June, Renée Layman took over as Chief Executive Officer, bringing her passion and knowledge in the area of early childhood and mental health to the organization. “As a community, we are experiencing a monumental crisis. Approximately twenty percent of children under the age of five in Palm Beach County live in poverty. These children are more likely to suffer from abuse, witness violence, and experience trauma. At the Center, we have developed programs and expertise that is grounded in research about early brain development and trauma. We focus on promoting healthy functioning early in life, which research tells us decreases an array of problems later in life,” states Ms. Layman.


A passionate and dedicated group of leaders join Ms. Layman on this critical mission. The organization’s new Board of Directors includes Shannon Fox-Levine, MD, a pediatrician and managing partner at Palm Beach Pediatrics. Dr. Fox-Levine also serves as president of the Palm Beach County Pediatric Society and one of her long-term goals is to bridge the gap in the continuity of care for children with mental health issues. Karin Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of SandyPines Residential Treatment Center, a facility that treats children and adolescents with mental illness, brings professional experience in working with special needs children and adolescents to the Center mission. Bill Lynch, Board Chair, is an engineer in private practice who brings personal experience to his role. His family continues to benefit from social agency services to address matters close to home. Eugenia Millender, Ph.D., Clinical Director at FAU’s Diabetes Clinic in West Palm Beach, Denis Bleau, board vice-chair and attorney at Ward, Damon, Posner, Pheterson and Bleau, PL, and Jessica Cecere also bring a wealth of passion and experience to the Center for Child Counseling.


“In addition to providing critical mental health services for children who have experienced trauma, we also train professionals how to work with young children. Funded by the Quantum Foundation, our Institute for Clinical Training was developed because most mental health professionals receive no training in graduate school on how to work with traumatized children under the age of five. We are striving to create a network of highly trained professionals throughout the county who can work effectively with young children,” says Ms. Layman. “We are excited to have such an exceptional group of leaders on our board. We look forward to continuing to make an impact for children in our community.” 


About the Center for Child Counseling

The Center for Child Counseling, Inc. is a nonprofit organization serving Palm Beach County since 1999. We strive to strengthen and empower children and families through early intervention and treatment services that support their social-emotional wellness and growth. For questions about the Center for Child Counseling please contact or call 561-244-9499. For more information about programs and donor opportunities, visit

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