State of the Child: 2008 Economic Indicators Report from the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County

April 1, 2008
On Friday, February 29, the Children's Services Council released a very important document for our community:  The State of the Child 2008: Economic Indicators Report.
This report contains facts and figures that are disturbing, but also offer further inducement for us and the community to seek change.  Consider these data-backed facts about Palm Beach County:
  • Housing is the most expensive in the state
  • Groceries cost more here than anywhere else in Florida
  • A working poor single parent of two would be over $600  in debt every month after paying for rent, food and child care; this doesn’t include transportation, clothes or medical expenses.
To help you learn more, we have included a direct link to this report. The report can also be accessed from the CSC homepage at
A lot is being done in Palm Beach County to address the issues contained in this report, but there is potential to accomplish even more.  To learn more, including ways that you can make a difference, contact Gabrielle Bargerstock, Policy Analyst for the CSC, at 561-740-7000 or by email at  For more information on the Children’s Services Council, visit: