Leadership Spotlight on Gale Howden - Class of 1986

Alumni Relations Committee
October 23, 2013


Leadership PBC President 1988-1990


Who encouraged you to apply for LPBC/How did you get involved in LPBC:  It’s been so long I cannot remember!

How has LPBC affected you?   You might say I owe my career at The Palm Beach Post to LPBC!  I met my future boss—Publisher Tom Giuffrida—through Leadership.  He was in my class.

What is your fondest LPBC memory:  Being on the board and being president for two years of the early Alumni Board.  (We were a separate group then.)  After going through the program we were so enthusiastic and energetic about what we could do to educate the community about issues and what we could change to make life better in PBC.  Jack Frost’s minutes of those meetings were the best, funniest ever.  I still have them.  Of course being awarded the Leadership Excellence Award will always be a fond memory.

What is something unexpected or surprising that you have derived from your involvement with LPBC?   The endurance of the relationships and friendships made through LPBC was unexpected. 

Where do you work and what do you do for a living:  I was Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations at the Palm Beach Post until my retirement in 2008.  Currently I am a community volunteer in several organizations.

What is your favorite aspect of your job:  During my twenty-one years at the Post there were many favorite aspects including just the general excitement of working at a newspaper.  I loved working with the marketing department on new advertising campaigns.  We had such talented designers and writers. I also loved that part of my job was being involved in so many charitable and community organizations.  The Post was a true believer in using the resources of the newspaper to help those organizations.

Your education:   BA in Political Science

Your civic and community involvement:   While I was at the Post I was Founding President of the PBC Literacy Coalition and was honored to serve as president of several community organizations including United Way, Crisis Line (now 211) and The Education Foundation.  I also served on the Boards of The PBC Cultural Council and Bookfest.  Currently I am President-Elect of the Forum Club and a member of the PBC Ethics Initiative.  I’m still involved with Literacy in that over the last two and a half years I chaired a capital campaign to build a permanent home for Literacy.  The building opened last June.

Your family:  I have a great husband and two wonderful children and four grandchildren

Place of residence: Palm Beach Gardens

First job: Working at Milton’s Clothing Cupboard in Chapel Hill, NC

Your motto:  Don’t let life just happen to you. Do something.

What brought you to Palm Beach County:  I met my Florida-raised husband at UNC (I grew up in Chapel Hill) and he didn’t like the cold weather in NC.

How long have you lived in PBC: Since 1970

What is your idea of perfect happiness: Shoe shopping while being served champagne. This actually happened at the grand opening of Bloomingdale’s at the Gardens Mall.  It was heaven!

What do you consider your greatest achievement:  Balancing a wonderful family with a wonderful career. 

Mentor: My mother-in-law (seriously).  She was Dean of Women at Rollins College and always believed in continuing to learn throughout your whole life.

Who are your real life heroes:  Anyone who goes out of his or her way to help others—especially those in need.

Most important lesson you've learned: Listen before you speak.

Last vacation: Deer Isle, Maine.  A wonderful place to escape Florida in August!

Last book(s) read and favorite writers:  I’ve always loved British detective novels by authors such as Elizabeth George, Martha Grimes, Ruth Rendell and Charles Todd.  British history has always been a favorite subject.  I just finished How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny and am now reading The Plantagenets by Dan Jones.

Favorite TV show: Downton Abbey

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