Youth Leadership - Media Day Dispatch

Kara DiComo
Leadership Palm Beach County
October 10, 2013

Youth Leadership Day - Media Day

October 10, 2013

By: Kara DiComo

8:00 a.m. - The recruits from Leadership PBC’s Youth Leadership class of 2014 slowly start to trickle into the parking lot in front of WPBF Channel 25 all emitting auras of tired excitement as we were handed our official YLPBC polo shirts and name badges.

8:15 a.m. - After we all became situated in our new attire our tour of Channel 25 officially began with the appearance of Will Dillard. The first thing we saw was the news vans, which came with a very extensive price tag, till we were shuffled inside for a quick breakfast of Dunkin-Donuts.

8:25a.m. -  Then we were split into two groups and shown where the TV magic happens. We spent a long time talking to the news-anchors and learning about their roles in the magic in between their time on camera. We got to hold out own Q and A session with them until it was time for the next group to get their chance to play Ask an Anchor and we were lead off into another room. The next room was where the editing magic happened; shots were brought in and out before our eyes as we watched the giant screen that took up most of the far wall.

9:40a.m. - We left Channel 25 after a quick group photo and then boarded the bus for the first, and not the last, time. We were headed to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

9:55a.m. - After an interesting bus ride we finally arrived Clear Channel Media and Entertainment (home to Wild 95.5, Gator 98.7, KOOL 105.5, Wave 92.7, Mia 92.1, Oldies 103.7, Real Radio 94.3, WPHR, WJNO, WBZT, and WAXE).

10:00a.m. -  Once inside we met Ethan Briner who showed us to the heart of Clear Channel. Then we split into two groups once again. Half of us headed to the iHeart Radio in studio stage and were treated to a much appreciated snack and information about iHeart Radio and the other half headed into the Wild 95.5 studio and learned about how the songs that we heard on the radio were chosen. After the groups switched places and experienced the other half we made our leave.

10:45a.m. - Thus we loaded onto the bus and departed for the Palm Beach Post.

10:55a.m. - When we arrived at the post we were all showed to one of the presentation rooms where we finally got to sit down for a longer period of time than the bus ride. Then we learned about different jobs at the post at and told some funny stories about the rich and famous.

11:00a.m. - Then we were treated to a much needed lunch till our next speaker arrived.

12:20p.m. - After lunch we were treated to the presence of AJ Brockman. AJ brought tears to the eyes of a few class members as he told his story of how even though he has SMA he is able to live his passion by creating really cool and unique digital art.

12:45p.m. - We were then once again led back onto the bus, this time heading to the FSU film school.

12:55p.m. - At FSU we met many interesting people, both students and teachers, including Emmy winning Visual Effects Producer Jonathan Stone who talked to us about his work on the Martin Scorsese film Hugo as well as give us a glimpse of what went into doing the visual effects for Hugo.

2:30p.m. - And then we got on the bus and left for my personal favorite for the day, though one could say I’m extremely biased, G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation, and Performance arts.

2:45p.m. - Upon our arrival we were shown into the school media center and introduced to Greg Hauptner, the founder and CEO of G-Star, who then proceeded to tell us more about the school before leading us over to the Sound Stage on the other side of campus. There we were bombarded by the “crazy” X-Scream kids before being shown into X-Scream Halloween, G-Star’s very own haunted house.

3:30p.m. - After one final group picture for the day we were ordered onto the bus for the final time that day.

4:00p.m. - We arrived back at Channel 25 even more tired than when we started but with heads filled with new information and future possibilities.