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Only ACTIVE ALUMNI will be included in & Have Access To the directory. 

This includes graduates of the Leadership Engage program that have paid their $175 membership dues for the current Leadership year. 

Your information will be taken from your growthzone profile

Contact information such as your business/organization, title, email, and phone number, as well as your headshot, displayed in the directory will be the information that is currently on your GrowthZone profile. Make sure the information there is the information you would like displayed. You can log in here to review or edit your information. 

Want your listing to stand out?

You have the option. For $50, you can purchase an upgraded directory listing. With an upgraded directory listing, in addition to your headshot and contact information, you will also be able to add your professional biography or description of what you do and any photos you would like people to see. If you want to upload an advertisement for your business as one of your "photos," you may do so with an enhanced listing. This enhanced directory listing is an option you are given while paying your membership dues each year. If you have already paid dues and now would like to upgrade your listing, please contact us at