LPBC Committees

Volunteers are at the heart of Leadership Palm Beach County, and our committees are a great way for alumni to stay engaged in the leadership of the organization.

Committee chairs are appointed by the board chair for a one-year renewable term and work in partnership with Leadership Palm Beach County staff. All committee members must be LPBC alumni or community leaders in good standing and must be able to fulfill the primary responsibilities of the committee. 

Below are a list of committees, along with a short description.  If you would like to contact the committee for more information, please click the name(s) of the chairpeople to email them directly.

Program Committees

Program Chairs: Brent Whitfield ('16), Christina Lambert ('12) and Jennifer Sullivan ('16). 

Primary Goal: provide information to emerging leaders through the leadership curriculum and equip participants with knowledge of various challenges, issues and initiatives in Palm Beach County. 

Responsibilities: help plan each session day (9 + 1 make-up day) agenda, contact speakers, confirm sponsors and review evaluations for improvement from year to year. 

Important Dates: TBA


Program Chairs: Bill Foman ('14) and Cory Strolla ('17). 

Primary Goal: prepare promising high school juniors for future success and civic engagement in Palm Beach County.  

Responsibilities: plan each session day (7 total) agenda, contact speakers, confirm sponsors and review evaluations for improvement from year to year.  The committee is also responsible for Opening Retreat and Graduation planning, as well as reviewing college scholarship applications and selecting the recipients. 

Important Dates: typically meet the last Thursday of the month at 8 a.m. Subject to change.

Program ChairsPepe Sosa ('14) and Mark Holbert ('15).

Primary Goal: design and deliver community leadership programming for busy executives and professionals new to Palm Beach County. 

Responsibilities: plan the program agenda, contact speakers, confirm sponsors and review evaluations for improvement from year to year. 

Important Dates: Typically, meet first Wednesday of the month at 8 a.m. 


Program Chair: Paul Ward ('17).

Primary Goal: design and deliver community leadership programming.

Responsibilities: plan workshops, confirm sponsors and review evaluations for improvement from year to year.

Important Dates: the Aspire Series is taking place on September 20, November 15, March 20, and May 15.  Meeting times TBA. 

Event Committees

Committee Chairs: Jessica Clasby ('20) and Cara Biggs ('20)

Primary Goal: reconnect alumni during the holidays, provide a mid-year update on the organization and facilitate a toy-drive benefiting local organizations.

Responsibilities: oversee the event logistics including toy drive, programming and silent auction.

Important Dates: Holiday Breakfast will be on December 11, 2020. Committee meets in-person once, and then all other meetings are conference calls.


Committee Chairs: Kelly Ring ('14) and Sydnee Newman ('17) 

Primary Goal: reconnect and entertain alumni and guests with a unique, high energy night on the town with Nashville’s top songwriters while raising funds to support the Grow Program.

Responsibilities: coordinate all aspects of producing the event including: pushing ticket sales, design and execution of a successful show and solicitation of sponsors. 

Important Dates: SITR will take place on March 13, 2020. Meeting dates/times TBA.


Committee ChairsNatalie M. Alvarez ('18) and Denise Mariani ('17).

Primary Goal: organize the last LPBC event of the fiscal year, which celebrates the graduating Engage Program class as well as four award recipients.

Responsibilities: oversee and implement the LEA nomination process, identify sponsors and coordinate the event details to spotlight nominees, award recipients, and the graduating class.

Important Dates: Leadership Celebration will take place on June 4, 2020. Meeting dates/times TBA.


Committee Chairs: Britnye Kurty ('18) and Brad Hertzberg ('14)

Primary Goal: encourage alumni commitment and engagement. The committee accomplishes this through 3 sub-committees: Community Initiatives (Lunch & Learns, C.O.P.E.), Networking (Leadership Plus, Friends & Family), and Volunteering Leaders (various volunteering opportunities).

Responsibilities: help coordinate and facilitate events, while reengaging alumni.

Important Dates: meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month, on even months, from 8:15 - 9:15 a.m. 

Mission Support Committees

Committee Chairs: James Garvin ('18) and Josh Hirsch ('17)

Meeting Schedule: Meet July 30 to review RFPs, then meet throughout the year as needed (Opening/Closing Retreat). Also, Class Project Luncheon's to review progress traditionally held over the lunch hour the third Wednesday of the month from 12 - 1 p.m. at The Palm Beach Post, 2751 S. Dixie Hwy., WPB.  Subject to change based on committee availability.

The committee’s primary goal is to successfully select and execute the civic engagement “class projects” for the Leadership Program.   The committee is responsible for the development and dissemination of the RFP, to provide guidance for proposing organizations as they develop proposals, and to select finalists.  The committee also guides the Class through selection, then execution of the Class Projects.

Committee ChairJessica Cecere ('00) and Vicki Chouris ('10)

Meeting Schedule: Traditionally, as needed in August, and again in May. Subject to change based on committee availability.

The committee’s primary goal is to plan and facilitate the Leadership Program opening and closing retreats for the Leadership Program.  The committee helps to refine and develop the agendas, activities and experiences that help bond the class during the opening retreat for a more productive program experience.  The committee also helps to develop the agenda and facilitate the closing retreat to gather information from the class to better prepare for the following year. 

Committee ChairsJim Cordeiro ('17), Kim Kerry ('17) and Trey Fogg ('17). 

Primary Goal: attract qualified applicants from diverse industries and backgrounds for our Engage, Focus and Aspire programs.

Responsibilities: strategically identify individuals and organizations for candidate recruitment as well as help secure and plan information sessions throughout the county.

Important dates: TBA

Committee Chair: Board Treasurer, Linda Culbertson ('05)

This committee is responsible for the financial oversight of Leadership, including developing and overseeing the preparation of the Annual Budget, monitoring adherence to the Annual Budget, developing and preparing periodic financial reports to the Executive Committee and Board of Governors, overseeing investments of Leadership, and developing and recommending financial control and policies.  All members are appointed by the President.