Breakthroughs: The Leadership Palm Beach County Summit




On June 15, 2018, Breakthroughs: The Leadership Palm Beach County Summit brought together 300 leaders from private, public and nonprofit sectors to understand three challenges facing the community: the need for jobs for ex-offenders, internships for students, and mental health training in the workplace.

The minute the summit ended, the clock started ticking on a 100-day “rapid results” process to drive new and innovative solutions for these three issues. Right now, the summit’s work group participants are collaborating, innovating, and executing plans to meet our goals of taking on these challenges.

On September 17 we held our 100-Day Rapid Results Breakfast at the Hilton West Palm Beach where we presented our progress in tackling these tough issues. 


There are numerous jobs going unfilled in the construction, retail and many other industries in Palm Beach County. Who will fill these jobs? One pipeline can be students attending the county’s Choice Schools. These students have the skills, passion and motivation to do great at these jobs. But the problem is, they aren’t being recruited by employers because too few companies know about this pool of local talent.

Breakthroughs 100-day goal:

Get business community involved in creating internships for students.

Each year, close to 3,000 inmates return to Palm Beach County from years in jail or prison. Without a connection to the community, as many as two-thirds of them will get into trouble again and end up behind bars within three years. They need jobs as they reintegrate back to society. The challenge is, most employers aren’t aware of many ex-offenders’ hard worth ethic and dedication to their jobs.

Breakthroughs 100-day goal:

Find companies willing to hire ex-offenders.

More than a quarter of employees report some level of depression or anxiety.  It’s the reason many workers fail to perform well at their jobs, costing companies as much as $225 billion a year in productivity losses.  Many are reluctant to seek help or might not know where to turn for care. Mental Health First Aid® helps employees take care of each other by understanding mental illnesses, supporting timely intervention, and saving lives.

Breakthroughs 100-day goal:

Get companies to take Mental Health First Aid® training.


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