Grow Retreat

Expect to... Dress accordingly

The Retreat is outdoors, mid-day in Florida... you know the drill. Wear clothes that allow plenty of movement for moderate physical activity. You'll be doing a lot of movement, so be sure to wear closed-toe shoes. 

Expect to... Get to know one another

You're going to be spending a lot of time with this group, so this is an opportunity to get familiar with one another. We guarantee you'll know at least one fact about each of your classmates. 

Expect to... Talk about yourself

Just like you'll be getting to know your classmates, they're going to be eager to learn about you! Don't shy away from opening up, talking about your life, and being yourself. 

Expect to... Get really close (literally)

You'll be getting close with your classmates figuratively, yes, but there are going to be a number of activities where you will need to hold hands, balance, and squeeze in tight!

Expect to... Go to new heights

If you have a fear of heights, get ready to conquer them. FAU's ropes course is no joke. 

Expect to... HAVE FUN!

ENOUGH SAID! See you on Saturday!