Leadership Excellence Awards

Leadership Palm Beach County’s Leadership Excellence Awards recognize exceptional Leadership Engage (Adult) Program graduates who make significant contributions to improve our community. The Leadership Excellence Awards celebrate individuals who are active examples of the vision, and mission, of Leadership Palm Beach County; Nominees aspire to connect, collaborate and change.

We award three individuals each year; one in each of the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Our standing president awards the President's Award to an outstanding alumni of their choice. 


            Private: Eddie Stephens (2015) 

            Public:  Senator Bobby Powell, Jr. (2010) 

            Nonprofit: Owen O'Neill (2014) 

            President's Award: Eric Hopkins (1995)


            Private: Frank Compiani (1991) 

            Public:  Priscilla Taylor (1995) 

            Nonprofit: Dr. Robert Rease (2016) 

            President's Award: Dari Bowman (1988)

2016   Roberta "Robi" Jurney (2010)

2015   Michele Poole (2014)

2014   Jim Sugarman (1995)

2013   Patrick McNamara (2008)

2011   Rev. Pam Cahoon (1989)

2012   Eric Hopkins (1995)

2010   David Goodlett (1988)

2009   Wendy Sartory Link (1998)

2008   Sharon Bock (2000)

2007   David Baker (1989)

2006   Gale Howden (1986)

2005   Don Chester (1986)

The Leadership Excellence Award nomination process is now open. 

The nomination form deadline is February 22, 2019 by 5:00 pm.

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